It's an exciting day for Vokey Nation. We are happy to announce the launch of WedgeWorks Services, Bob Vokey's Tour-Inspired Custom Shop for Vokey Wedge players.

Recently, Team Titleist sat down with wedge master craftsman Bob Vokey to discuss the launch of WedgeWorks Services, the newest offering from WedgeWorks. 

Launch the slideshow for a first look at the WedgeWorks team in action and check out the Q&A below to get all of the details around WedgeWorks Services straight from The Voke.

Team Titleist:  What was the inspiration behind WedgeWorks Services?

Bob Vokey:  It really came from the Tour and from Vokey wedge enthusiasts.  We had Tour guys who wanted special options on their wedges, stampings, grips, etc.  And serious golfers want that kind of service too. 

So we decided to expand our offering from WedgeWorks.  

TT:  Explain a little about WedgeWorks itself and what you're going to offer through WedgeWorks Services.
BV:  WedgeWorks is my custom shop.  Everything used to be separate, but now we've got R&D, Tour, and Custom all in one spot here in Carlsbad.  It allows me to offer a lot of things that I couldn't before.  Really a dream come true for me. 

 In terms of what we're going to offer, we've got a few packages as well as individual services. 

A golfer can send back a wedge for a little TLC.  We'll check the loft and lie, buff up the head, fix the paintfill, stamp it for you, regrip it.  It's like a little spa service for your wedge. 

We've also got more advanced offerings such as swing weight adjustments to dial that in for you.  We can laser etch the shaft with your name.  We're pretty excited about all of the offerings.  

TT:  You talked a little about laser etching.  Can you explain what that's all about?

BV:  We have an advanced laser engraver in the WedgeWorks shop.  It will engrave up to 20 characters into the shaft.  It's a very light engraving, very subtle.  You don't need to paintfill it.  A good way to put your name or even a message on it.  

TT:  How about swing weight adjustments.  You've never offered that before, right?

BV:  Well up until now, we've only been able to offer that on Tour.  Some guys like a little lighter swingweight, maybe go from D5 to D4 or D3, something like that.  We have a precision end mill that will cut out weightports.  We can then fill them with a light spray coat protectant.  

TT:  A lot of Vokey loyalists out there still have pre-2010 grooves in their Spin Milled wedges.  Can you still work on those wedges?

 BV:  Yes we can, but we can't and won't touch the grooves.  We aren't going to offer a groove sharpening or regrooving service, it would go against the USGA Groove Rule. 

We're also not going to strip the chrome and re-finish wedges, because there's some environmental issues there. 

We can still stamp, reshaft, regrip any of our SM2 or earlier wedges, that's not a problem.  In fact, that's what I expect people will be sending us. 

TT:  What about new custom wedges--can you send them directly to WedgeWorks?

BV:  We're working on that, it should be ready this Fall.  For right now, we're accepting wedges that are already purchased.  

TT:  What else do you have in store for us from WedgeWorks?

BV:  It's been a busy last few months.  We are always working on new prototypes, grinds, options, and features to add to WedgeWorks. 

We really try to listen to what our Team Titleist and Vokey followers want.  The response has been amazing.  It's like a small "Vokey Nation".  That's what I like to call it.  

TT: Thanks for your time Bob.

BV:  It's a pleasure.  Thanks to all of our followers on Team Titleist.  You guys are great, you keep me motivated every day.  Cheers.

WedgeWorks Services are now available! Visit to get started today!