There may not have ever been a less difficult task than picking Titleist Brand Ambassador Scott Stallings' Shots of the Year.

(Well, at least one of them.)

If you watched the final round of the Greenbrier Classic in late July, you know what we're talking about.

That Sunday afternoon at the Greenbrier, Scott stood on the tee at the 169-yard par-3 18th hole at the Old White Course needing to make birdie to get into a playoff.

He swung back with his new Titleist AP2 (712 Series) 9-iron and sent his Pro V1x sailing just left of the flag, the ball landing 5 feet from the hole to set up a game-tying birdie.

About 20 minutes later, Stallings was back on the 18th tee with his new AP2 9-iron. This time, his Pro V1x slammed down on the green, just a foot or two away from the spot it landed in regulation. Scott cooly rolled in the putt for his first PGA Tour victory.

"I actually put my ball on the same tee that I used in the same spot during regulation," he said.

It was perhaps one of the most exciting performances of the year on the PGA Tour, influenced partly by a shot he hit at the Transitions Championship in March. That one you probably don't remember.

Scott explains in the above video.

To see replays of Scott's Greenbrier-winning swings , see the video below.

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