Ask a Titleist Player. Or a Titleist Tour Rep. (Submit Your Questions Now!)

Team Titleist is headed to next week's WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona with one goal in mind: Getting the answers you need.

From our Tour Reps on the Titleist Tour Van, to all of the Titleist Brand Ambassadors and golf balls loyalists in the 64-man match-play bracket, we've got Team Titleist covered.

Have a question about Titleist golf balls or equipment? Want to know more about life on the PGA Tour? Looking for tips on lowering your handicap or how to hit a particular shot? Or is there something else that is peaking your interest?

Simply submit your questions in the comments section below and we'll do our best to get as many answers as possible. It's going to be an action-packed week on and off the course, so we'll be sure to track down some great responses.

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81 Replies

  1. Alan V

    Bought AP 1 714s  standard lie. Had a fitter try to bend to my specs on a Mitchell product.

    Iron head  crimped... After the fact, I see Titleist recommends ordering a 2 degree upright or standard otherwise it will be a custom order... Does the crimping sound familiar?

  2. Stephen M

    Desperate to get my hands on the Titleist Stone bucket hat (with blue trim). Saw it on ebay in America about 2 years ago and just haven't been able to find it since. Surely there is a way I can get my hands on one?!

  3. Andrew S

    I was fitted for the 915 D3 with a Aldila Rogue Silver 60 X-Flex shaft. The driver I tested was standard 45" length but I would like to order 1/2" short at 44.5". Which adjustable weight color option would I need to use to keep the same swing weight of the standard length club (D2 I think)?

  4. Erik A


  5. Brian M

    What differences are there between tour chrome and gold nickel finishes of Vokey SM5 wedges? Is one more durable or harder than another? All heat treated? Purely cosmetic?

    Thanks! Looking to add a 54 and 58 wedge, want to know any difference that may affect my decision as to the gold nickel finish.

  6. Kenneth K

    I am going to purchase the new Vokey wedges when they are released on 3/14 I currently play original png eye 2 copper wedges, one 54 degrees, one 58 degrees. I am a picker, I do not taker a divot. I use the 54 degree  for 75% of all my chips around the green. I use the 58 degree in sand traps. Please recommend for me what number and bounce would best meet my needs with

    with new SM5 wedges.

    Thank You

  7. Nick N

    I just bought a used Titleist D2 driver graphite shaft stiff used. I also bought a 910 F three wood graphite stiff used. The adjusting wrench did not come with them. Can you please email the correct charts as to height, loft, closed or open etc. I can't seam to find them searching the internet. Thanks Nick

  8. David K

    My son is 7 and extremely small thus lacking length but hits straight and has a great little short game to keep him in the tournaments. He has US kids series clubs and hits them well. Just wondering if titelist may be able to fit him for at least a driver and potentially gain yardage from the tee to give him a better chance.

  9. David H

    I ordered the 913 d3 back in October from my local golf club and it hasn't been delivered, what's taking so long?

  10. gultekin a

    Is Titleist 913 D2 driver's shaft and head made in China and assembled in the US ?

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