Video: Titleist Golf Club R&D Answers Your 712 Series Irons Questions (Part 2)

Posted: February 24, 2012

Titleist Introduces New 712 MB and CB Irons

September 29, 2011

First Look: Under the Hood of the New Titleist AP Irons

August 31, 2011

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Brian D

Have you seen a bigger transition to a "blended" set of MB's and CB's?  This is something I tried this year based upon my Titleist fitting, but I can honestly say I am struggling much with the 3-6 CB's.  I am just not as comfortable with them.  I am noticing a deeper divot than usual, more so on the 5 and 6 iron...just curious.

Thanks for your time,


Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

Paul T

Great stuff. Keep it coming.

Gary W

Great information. I play the AP2 irons, best iron I have ever played. Thanks Chris and Dan.

Willard H


Thomas C

I really like the new ap1 irons, I am going to purchase a set. Since July is almost ending I am wondering if  I should wait till the 2013 model comes out. Can you tell if there will be any changes? Thank You