Video: Why Bubba Watson Plays Pro V1x

Posted: April 9, 2012

On his journey to the Masters, over his 290 career holes at Augusta National, including Sunday's final two playoff holes, there is one piece of equipment that Bubba Watson has used on every shot: His golf ball.

Bubba spoke to Team Titleist about the importance of finding the best golf ball for your game and why he fits best into Titleist Pro V1x, which you can watch in the above video.

"You don't play the ball if you don't have confidence in it," said Watson, he said. "If it doesn't feel good to you then you're not going to perform well. For me, it's been 20 years and it's still performing well."

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Congrats Bubba on a spectacular finish and your first Green Jacket.  I hope it is the first of many.  Congrats on the welcoming of your new son, may he make all your days more joyous than ever.

I have been and will always be a Bubba Watson fan, because of your honesty, intergrity, and your great faith.  Keep on enjoyin every swing.

Hayden B

Like Bubba I use Titeist Pro V1x  its the BEST BALL

John A

Gee, I'm just like Bubba Watson. I'm left-handed, and I use a Pro V1x ball.

John C

Another Great Masters !  Its wonderful to see a Titleist ball win again and a American get the Green Jacket.

denny f

I would like to try these balls ,unfortunately the only titleist i can afford have many xxxxx's on them.    Goooo  Bubba

Alice W

Bubba I  saw your your interview with Peirs Morgan tonight. I think you will be

the best Masters champ of all time!!!!  I am so happy you have your wonderful

wife, and new baby!  Congratulations!!

ray b

Thanks bubba for a great win thanks pro v1 for doing and reacting the way a great ball should bubba I know you will make a great dad just as you have a great role model and golfer your son will be proud to call you dad thanks for the emotion I'm tender hearted to not many if us left good luck to you and keep striping it

Noel D

Congratulations, Bubba.

You may not have gotten that far in your dreams, but reality is more amazing than what the world could have imagined.

We're so happy it's you.

Noel D

Bubba, you put the "1" in ProV.  Congratulations!

john c

when are pro v1x coming out in yellow