Introducing the Vokey Design “TVD-K” Grind Wedge

Posted: February 26, 2013


If you ask Bob Vokey he’ll tell you that he has the best R&D facility in the world – the PGA Tour.

That’s because Bob spends a lot of his time working closely with many of the best golfers taking notes on what they’re looking for when it comes to wedge performance and short game scoring. Armed with this insight, Bob heads back to his shop in Carlsbad, CA to develop new wedge concepts and refine every element from the grooves and head design to the finish and sole grind.

And speaking of grinds, we’d like to introduce you to the “K” grind.

This latest creation for “The Voke” is a result of his work with Titleist Brand Ambassadors Adam Scott, Ben Crane and Jason Dufner. This grind features a wider sole and more camber in the 56º, 58º and 60º wedges.

“The TVD-K is a great option for diggers - players who tend to have steeper angles of attack and take full divots with their wedge shots,” said Vokey.

“Remember, bounce is your friend. And the added bounce in the K grind makes these wedges solid choices for getting out of bunkers and when playing on softer turf.”

After passing the tests on the ultimate proving ground, the “TVD-K” grind will soon be an option for all of Vokey Nation to make their own via WedgeWorks (Stay tuned to Team Titleist for updates and make sure you join to get the latest Vokey news).

But first, here’s an exclusive opportunity for Team Titleist to take home one of the tour prototypes that was gamed by Jason Dufner during his breakout season on the PGA Tour in 2012.

That’s right, this wedge was in the bag as “Duf” during his 2012 FedEx Cup Playoff campaign and also at the Ryder Cup. Jason was also kind enough to autograph this wedge that is sure to be a welcome addition to any wedge collection.

Here are the specs…

Vokey TVD-K Prototype
Loft: 60º  Bounce: 4º (Jason uses a lower bounce version of the TVD-K that was hand ground by Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill)
Shaft: Dynamic Gold Spinner Shaft (stiff flex)
Length: Standard length
Lie: 2º Flat
Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord 58 Round with one extra wrap
Swingweight:  D5
Stamped:  DUF in white snow

Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the TVD-K wedges along with some close-ups of Dufner’s tour prototype.


Thanks, Jason! And good luck to Team Titleist.

Note: This sweepstakes is only open to current residents of the United States. No purchase necessary. Complete rules can be found here.

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Tyler H

Thanks for the great contest.

Jeff K

Can't wait for the K grind to hit wedgework's.


Very cool!!  Thanks so much to Duf, Vokey team and TT for a great giveaway!

stephen e

When will Bob vokey start forging his wedges or at least have it has an option I have forged irons why can't my wedges be forged. also I hate when I see on eBay that titlist offers forged wedges only in Japan

Chris S

Thanks Jason and Thank You TT! Awesome prize

Jay B



Very very cool  thanks team titleist


Very very cool  thanks team titleist

Joshua L

Very cool, can't wait for these to hit WedgeWorks.

Bill P

Hi.....did someone win this...??