Video: 2013 Masters Champion Adam Scott

Posted: April 15, 2013

A few weeks ago, Team Titleist had the chance to catch up with Adam Scott at the WGC Cadillac Championship at Doral, and we just happened to ask him a couple of questions about the Masters.

Lucky for us, we had the camera rolling and the audio taping.

Check out the video above to hear what Adam had to say about what he was looking forward to the most at Augusta.

Congratulations, Adam, on a well deserved win.

Next question: what's on the menu for the champions dinner next year?


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Russell Kempe

Adam Scott, what a great player and what a class guy.  I love those 710 MB's.  Great clubs.


A thousand congrats to you Adam, and you sure deserve it. I was sure pulling for you.  Will have to say though, you sure had me worried there for a while. Also, congrats to Steve. You've sure got a winner in him.

thesby t

great scott adam i want your driver only not your irons because only you can hit them like at the 2013 masters which is very well!

thesby t

ok luke!i'm counting on you to win the  u.s. open!bring that trophy to my chicago and the rest of B1G country!


Congrats to Adam, all the Aussies and Titleist with a great Masters win!


It is interesting that the interview comes just weeks before his win at the MASTERS and it appears that the interview also preceeded his win at the Austrailian MASTERS. Just a great interview and now he has accomplished what few will ever achieve.

My congratulations to Adam on his wins and what a great win for the Titleist brand and FJ Brand.

Andrew J

Great job Adam, fantastic we have all been waiting a long time  for an Australian to win the Masters! and for you to be the first one is just the best enjoy!!!

Darrell G

Adam Scott , would not have won if he did not have a long putter.

Leigh K

Many "ALOHA's" to you Adam, and Steve to a well deserved win at the Masters.  The way you played out there was controlled aggressiveness, mission accomplished well done.  Also, go win yourself a Claret jug.


You would be hard pressed to find a more popular champion than Adam Scott.  What a classy individual.