Prototype Testing the #1 Ball in Golf

Posted: July 23, 2013

Before a Titleist golf ball ever lands on the shelves of your local pro shop, it must gain approval from a very important group of passionate golfers – members of Team Titleist.

Not too long ago, when the new 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls were still in the Research & Development phase, we invited a group of Team Titleist members to test white box prototype golf balls, give feedback, and truly take part in the R&D process for the #1 ball in golf.

As part of the player testing and evaluation process, we hit the road and spent some time with members from across the country to answer questions, gather feedback and witness the testing first-hand.

Each stop along the way we met golfers of all skill levels and swing speeds. So check out the video above to see some of the sights and sounds we captured from your fellow Team Titleist members and remember to keep sharing your feedback!

In the meantime, thank you to all of the Team Titleist members who participated in our white box testing. Whether you were on camera or submitted feedback via e-mail, Twitter or otherwise, we really appreciate all of your help and we hope you enjoyed being a part of the process.

And if you’re wondering how you can take part in a future product test panel like this, remember the more you participate and the more engaged you are with Team Titleist--from posting in the discussions and adding blog comments to completing your profile--the better your chances are at potentially opening the doors to these exclusive Team Titleist opportunities.

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That's certainly a privilege with which to be involved. Thanks Titleist for giving the avid golfer the limelight and listening to the feedback!

Brian D

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the testing.  It is not only a pleasure, but I feel it is an honor to have input into balls that are produced not only for the pro's but me.  

They are a ball I can trust to perform and again appreciate the opportunity to be selected.


Great video.  Thanks for giving us the behind the scenes look at some of the testing.  And, thanks for giving the "average" golfer a chance to provide input.

Shawn S

Thank you, Titleist staff, for the opportunity to share my feedback on your prototypes.  I'm honored to have been selected for the testing!

Jeffrey S

THIS is why Titleist is the #1 ball in golf. Fact.

drew r

i loved participating.  very cool TT!!!!!

matt b

Can they improve anymore ??


Send a sleeve ill try them out, thanks!

Mike C

This is one of the many reasons that Titleist rocks!  They give end users and regular guys the opportunity to test new products and provide feedback prior to a product being introduced.  How many other companies do you know that engage their customers this way?  Not many to be sure!

Jeffrey S

Great opportunity from Titleist to get some feedback but also increase the anticipation for the new golf ball upcoming.

Thanks for the opportunity.