Video: The Team Titleist Performance Golf Ball Testing Experience

Posted: May 1, 2014

On the list of our favorite activities here at Team Titleist, testing prototype golf balls is definitely at the top. So when the R&D team knocks on our door, seeking Team Titleist members for a new test panel, we get right to work.

Involving Team Titleist members in the prototype-testing phase is a critical part of our player testing and performance validation activities. The feedback we receive is essential to helping us along the path to developing the best performing golf balls in the game.

 Most recently, R&D asked us to set another test panel in motion for what we would later find out to be prototype versions of the new Titleist NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo golf balls. We hit the road with our cameras in tow, excited to spend time with Team Titleist members and hear exactly what they're looking for in a golf ball..

Check out the video above to hear what some of our fellow Team Titleist members had to say about the experience.


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Brian D

Great video to re-inforce that all players who choose the best in golf, choose Titleist.  Titleist really does care what all players who participate in this great sport think.  Just when you think things can't much better....Knock Knock on your door, open it up to another great opportunity with Team Titleist.

Can't wait to help participate again.


The Golf Father

I did it a few years ago ! Great time. Love this

Barry L

Enjoyed the new 2014 Performance balls. Felt softer of the club face than the Prototype balls tested at the end of last year. Lasted well,kept their whiteness and gave good distance and accuracy.  

Club Champion


Great video.

So inspiring!

Can't wait for my chance to work with the best!


Darin R

Just tested the new prototype balls the past couple of weeks.  With the square ball (NO WISE GUYS - my wife already stole the line "They won't roll very well") - I won the long drive hole the last three weeks in my league play.  I'm hitting these balls 30 or 40 yards past all the other guys. Keep up the great work

Keith B

Still testing the sample balls (sent to me a few months ago) in true golfing conditions of cold temperatures and strong winds. So far so good. Scotland the Home of Golf.

Emery C

Great firm to analyze the brands by all levels of golfers. Results are beneficial for the weekend golfer and for R&D, well fine Titleist!

Josh G

So awesome that Titleist does this. TT has been awesome to me. It's great to see other loyalists get to enjoy some of the same opportunity.

Stan L

Also enjoyed the recent experience, and the comments of others. Only wish I knew what ball I had received.

Randy K

Are these the balls that were just sent out with a circle or a square on them? If so, the sleeve I received last fall that said test on them must be for the pro v series. They did react and feel like a pro v.