We’re excited to bring you a first look at an exclusive new series of instructional content designed to help you add a few more shots to your golf game and ultimately improve your scores.

We’ve tapped the vast expertise of a few Titleist Staff Professionals including Claude Harmon III, Martin Hall, James Sieckmann and Mark Blackburn to serve as our instructional guides as they take us along the path to shooting lower scores.

And with the U.S. Open underway at Pinehurst No. 2, we thought it would be fitting to kick-off the series with some advice from Martin Hall on how to approach hitting a recovery shot from out of some pine needles.

Watch the video above as Martin walks us through his strategy and shares some sage advice on how having this shot in your arsenal can help keep the big numbers off your scorecard.

Remember to stay on the lookout for the next release in the 18 Shots series.