18 Shots Presented by Titleist: Short Par-4 Strategy

Posted: July 3, 2014

A short Par-4 is one of the most exciting holes in golf. And if you're armed with the right strategy, it can provide a great scoring opportunity to keep a low round going.

In the latest episode of our exclusive 18 Shots series we've tapped the expertise of Claude Harmon III, director of instruction at The Floridian, to help us build the right game plan and provide some advice on how to attack a short Par-4.

In this tip, Claude shows us three different options for getting off the tee that don't involve hitting driver and illustrates how hitting a fairway wood, hybrid or long iron can help put you in prime position.


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Larry P

Great information

dennis n

Great tips, it's surprising how many times I've watched players on a local 300 yd hole struggle after choosing the wrong club at the tee.

Jack H

Thanks for the instructions.  I'm taking that 3 wood to the course in the morning!

Tom P

Golf is about thinking and planning your way around the course. But if I had Ryan's swing I would pound the driver over the trees on the corner of the dogleg and have a put for eagle!