Video: Eye Dominance and its Role in Your Putting Setup

Posted: July 24, 2014

The proper setup and alignment is essential when it comes to making more putts. And one area that you might be overlooking is the role that eye dominance plays in your putting.

In this video, Titleist Leadership Advisory Staff member Justin Parsons shares some great insight on this topic and provides a simple test to help you determine your dominant eye.

Armed with this knowledge, a few simple adjustments to your putting stance might be the key to holing everything you look at.


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interesting stuff!  I think I am right eye dominate.  I need to hit the practice green and try some of this!

Larry G

I'm left eye dominate / lefty putter...what would my setup be?

joe t

Great tip. Please post more putting tips, especially distance control.

ben l

I actually tried this during my last round.  I am right eye dominated so I followed the instruction in relation to that.  At first it felt a little uncomfortable (as expected).  However, I was able to get a better feel with the stroke and have a more comfortable release.  Not sure if this makes sense, but I am going to stick with it for now.  Thanks.

john k

I am right eye dominate and right handed  is it more important to have the putter in your right palm or left which make the right or left more dominate