18 Shots Presented by Titleist: Chip shots into the grain with James Sieckmann

Posted: August 13, 2014

We always hear a lot of discussion about how the grain of the green can impact the speed and line of a putt. But did you know that grain also plays an important role in club and shot selection when you’re chipping from around the green?

In our latest short game tip, we've turned to Titleist Staff Professional James Sieckmann to share some advice on how to approach a chip shot into the grain.

As James explains in the tip above, sometimes taking less club and opening up the face in order to increase effective bounce as well as reducing the forward press will help the club skip through the turf.

Add this shot to your short game arsenal and be sure to check out the entire collection of tips featured in the 18 Shots Presented by Titleist series.


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Jay S

I like it when teaching pros teach multiple variables.  As an amateur, I often feel I am over-thinking variables like grain, wind, slope, grade, line, lie, moisture, and other course and climate conditions.  As if I were a touring pro playing for a large cup.  It's videos like these that inspire me to take in more of each lie and shot, while, of course, keeping in mind the pace of play.

The Golf Father

I'm guilty of bringing just one club .. Have to change that STAT


I have this shot 3 to 4 times a round.  It is very difficult when you are into the grain on your chip.  This is a great way to combat that situation.

Frank F

What is the normal use of a 2 Hybrid club, not the 2 iron.  Is it for off the fairway or too use off the tee.? Thank You

Tom S

Chipping or using a putting stroke with an 8 iron would not work? When I have to get over / through the first or second cut of fringe, this is what I use.

Craig A

Good tip.

I have been using the wrong club for years and will certainly try this at the practice green next time out.

When I am comfortable I will use it on the course.

Art O

Good information, I just started using my gap wedge in place of my sand wedge. This worked better than a sand wedge. I'll have to practice with the pitching wedge a little before taking to the course.


Gabriel G

I like the use of the pitching wedge.  For me I tend to stub the SW.  I want to feel confident therefore the PW would work in my case.  I love to practice this shot.

Stephen T

What a great tip , to bring all you clubs with you to assess the shot.  The little things


How can I force myself to not get underneath the ball so much? I hit a very high ball and every time I try to not hit a high ball I never make good contact with the ball and lose a lot of distance. How can I hit a ball a lot lower and get more distance?