Michael Breed On Golf Ball Selection

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It's always helpful to have an expert's advice when making a selection, especially when choosing the best golf ball for your game.

Insert expert: PGA Professional Michael Breed, host of the Golf Fix on the Golf Channel.

Breed, a member of the Titleist Leadership Advisory Staff, explains how and what to compare when selecting your golf ball in the video above.

"When I fit golf balls for my players, I always start around the green," says Breed.

Michael advises you compare the performance of two golf ball models around the green all the way back to the tee. "You have to make sure you pay attention to all facets of your game when choosing a golf ball."

Check out the rest of Michael's helpful tips in the video above and visit our Golf Ball Fitting section for even more great information on how to find the best golf ball for your game.

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1 Replies

  1. Peter H

    I entirely agree with Michael about selecting the type of ball by first trying it on the green because after all that's the basis of all good scores

  2. Gruffalo bill

    Just purchased a dozen solo, been using srxn 333 for the last couple of years wasn't that happy with them, had a brief encounter with a sleave of bstone e6 (just don't go there) saw the solo and brought them thinking I have nothing to loss, wow what a ball gained 10 yards at least. Best ball l have ever used, seriously unbelievable, thank you titleist.