TX4 Grooves and Groove Performance

TX4 Grooves

The New Face of Wedge Innovation

Parallel Face Texture

The 100% inspected TX4 grooves feature new parallel face texture creating a more consistent groove edge and tighter quality tolerances. The result is more spin.

Groove Construction

Low loft wedges (46°-54°) are designed with narrower, deeper grooves. Higher loft wedges (56°-62°) have wider grooves. These distinct designs deliver optimized golf ball to groove edge contact for maximum spin.

Localized Heat Treatment

Vokey Design SM6 wedges are locally heat treated to double the groove durability, providing best in class performance and a longer lasting wedge.

All Wedge Grooves Wear Out Over Time

At Titleist, we make every effort to deliver the best performance and quality. However, because all wedge grooves wear out eventually, we're ready to help you maximize spin and stay on top of your game.

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Spin Performance


The Wear on Your Wedge Grooves Affects Your Spin Control

The Vokey R&D team tested three levels of groove wear using a proprietary wedge robot at the Manchester Lane test facility. The results? Wedges with fresh grooves lead to more precise shots.

The Impact Of Groove Wear On Your Short Game

effects of groove wear

We tested wedges played for 125 rounds, 75 rounds, and a new wedge with fresh grooves.

125 Rounds:
35° launch angle | 6500 RPM Spin | 24' of roll out

75 Rounds:
34° launch angle | 7400 RPM Spin | 18' of roll out

Fresh Grooves:
33° launch angle | 8500 RPM Spin | 10' of roll out

what causes groove wear

Golfers encounter a variety of conditions with their wedges that lead to the groove edge wearing down over time. Every golfer should evaluate their wedges and grooves at about 75 rounds of play to get the best spin performance.

Leading causes of groove wear:

  • Regular practice and play creates normal wear and tear
  • Bunker shots expose the face to millions of small pebbles and rocks
  • Sandy lies, debris on the golf ball, rocks and bag chatter
  • Use of range balls or other hard covered balls

Inspecting Your Wedges

Wedges may look fine, but may not be delivering maximum spin. You should inspect your wedges for groove wear every 75 rounds. Start by inspecting the overall physical condition of the wedge and groove. A visit to your local Titleist Certified Fitter to evaluate launch, spin, and roll out will ensure you are playing with the best performing wedges.