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Jennifer has a tailored approach that ensures her students have a functionally effective swing based on their unique bio-swing dynamics.

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Jennifer is the founder and owner of LifeLong Golf. LifeLong Golf offers award-winning instruction programs that give players of all levels the tools they need for their lifelong pursuit of the game. It also hosts instruction-based golf events across the country that foster lifelong connections between businesses, charities and their golf communities.

Recently named 2019 New England PGA Teacher if the Year and 2019 GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, Jennifer is the Director of Instruction at Sankaty Head Golf Club and Teaching Professional at Ocean Reef Club. At both clubs, Jennifer is dedicated to providing fun, innovative teaching programs that include private, group, and on-course coaching. These programs have helped countless women, juniors, and men enjoy golf and understand their personalized golf path.

Jennifer creates a holistic improvement plan with each of her students. This performance plan is based on her students’ goals, physical capabilities, and commitment level. Her tailored approach ensures that her students have a functionally effective swing based on their unique bio-swing dynamics. It also means that her students become better players through performance coaching and human skills development. Jennifer provides specialized coaching in goal setting and planning, swing improvement, play management, human skills development and equipment fitting.

Jennifer Hudson | LifeLong Golf

"Learning is a lifelong lesson, not a one hour lesson. Lifelong solutions from swing improvement to play management to human skill development all create confidence and motivation."

- Jennifer Hudson