Video: Titleist Tour Reps Answer Your Equipment Questions

Titleist Tour Rep Chris Tuten and Scotty Cameron Tour Rep Larry Silveira, two of our equipment experts working with players each week on the PGA Tour, recently checked in with Team Titleist to answer many of your equipment questions.

Chris and Larry shared a lot of great information and insight (as usual), while filming their answers inside the Titleist Tour Van. Check out the videos below.

Steve F. asks: Do players on the PGA tour typically have their irons bent to a stronger loft? It seems like these guys hit their irons incredibly long!

Dean R. asks
: What are the differences in the irons and woods a pro uses versus the Average Joe? They attain more distance off their clubs than ones off the shelves. Thanks.

Charles H. asks
: What loft driver does Zach Johnson normally play? (If you can provide shaft weight, stiffness, brand grip, etc.) Thanks.

Josh G. asks
: What's the most common thing for a player to ask for at the Tour Van and which day is the busiest?

Ron N. asks
: How light should my clubs be for a 75 to 80 mph swing speed? I am 70 years young and love the game.

Javier G. asks
: I'm thinking of buying a set of SM4 Wedges (52, 56 and 60 degrees). I play on a course that is usually wet, mostly in the morning. Should I go with a lower or higher bounce? Fairways are tight and the ball sits down.

Brent S. asks
: How often is putter loft/lie checked or altered by tour golfers? Does the putter bend during normal use, i.e. leaning on it while getting ball from the hole or from so much travelling? Noticed that some players that use a plumber neck are very careful not to support themselves on it. Thanks!

Tim T. asks
: How different is PGA Tour golf now than it was when you were playing?

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