Jarrod Lyle Returns at the Australian Masters

November 13, 2013: Titleist Brand Ambassador Jarrod Lyle has dedicated the first tee shot of his comeback to everyone who has provided him with support during his fight with cancer.

That's some dedication. Lyle has been contacted by people from across the globe, all offering their prayers and best wishes.

And the good vibes have been flowing all week as he fine-tunes his preparations for his return at the Australian Masters at Royal Melbourne Golf Club.

"I actually found it difficult on the putting green with people walking past that I have known forever and ... the next thing you know I am talking for five minutes and realising I am not doing any practice," said Lyle.

Jarrod LyleIt wasn't just friends and family either. Since the day he was diagnosed almost 20 months ago, Lyle's fellow professionals have been paying tribute to his fighting qualities, which helped him beat acute myeloid leukaemia for the second time.

"I think it's great that he is healthy again," said Titleist Brand Ambassador Marc Leishman, who played junior golf with Lyle before both attended the Victorian Institute of Sport. "It's an awesome place for him to come back. It's just great to have him healthy again.

Lyle's wife, Briony, and daughter, Lusi - the inspirations behind his fight - stood at the back of the interview room Tuesday as he faced the media for the last time before he takes to the course.

It will be an emotional moment when Lyle walks to the first tee on Thursday, and the Victorian admitted he would be "no chance of keeping it together" when he sees the big gallery that is sure to await him. Lyle, will play alongside fellow Titleist Brand Ambassadors Geoff Ogilvy and Brendon De Jonge in the opening two rounds of the tournament.

"I'll be crying walking on to the tee, I'll be crying when I hit the shot, and I'll probably be crying walking off the tee," said Lyle.

"I'll be a mess, but it will be a good mess."

Lyle said he was aware that his battle to return to the course had been a source of inspiration for others fighting serious illnesses, although he admitted to that being a "weird" feeling.

"I struggle with that tag, I don't look at myself as an inspiration. I look at myself as a fighter," he said "If I didn't fight, then I probably wouldn't be here."

And his final message to Team Titliest fans.  

"Everyday I'm getting closer to coming back, so look out!"

To commemorate Jarrod’s return, Titleist has produced a specially embroidered cap with Lyle's name and the symbol of the cancer charity close to his heart - Challenge – that will be sold at Royal Melbourne to benefit Challenge - supporting children with cancer.

Team Titleist has 4 of these special caps, personally signed by Jarrod, to give to the best post comments that we receive below.

Welcome back Jarrod!

#Team Titleist

Jarrod Lyle supports Challenge

Challenge brings colour and relief to the lives of children and families living with cancer as they face the pressures of a life-threatening illness. With an emphasis on ‘fun’, Challenge provide a range of practical services and therapies and a program of tailored experiences that remind them how good life can be.

Challenge are based at Challenge House in West Melbourne. Within Challenge House is the Challenge Family Centre, which delivers a range of essential non-medical services for families including, massage therapy, music therapy and playgroup. Additional services to be available soon include a resource library, information seminars, counselling and art therapy.

Challenge also provides regular camps and activity days, tickets to concerts and events, overseas trips, family holidays, parent retreats and home help as well as support to children undergoing treatment in hospital with iPads, gaming consoles, family activities and celebrity visits.

To learn more click here to visit the Challenge website

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25 Replies

  1. Craig M

    I recently meet Jarrod Lyle while walking up the 18th fairway at this year's 2013 Australian Golf Open at the Royal Sydney Golf Club on day two, Jarrod has always been such an inspiration too me and I have followed his recent progress wanting the best for him, I looked over at Jarrod and politely asked if I could shake his hand, without hesitation Jarrod shook my hand and we began a conversation while walking up the remainder of the 18th fairway to the clubhouse,  Jarrod was very accomodating allowing our conversation to flow as if we were old friends, I remember at the time wanting to ask for a photo but decided not to push my luck, later I was kicking myself for not doing so but at the time it felt right not to ask, after speaking with Jarrod for that brief time I really had a feeling and a sense that I had just meet one of the nicest's human being's not only in golf but on this planet! Jarrod is a massive inspiration and now I can truly say he is also an awesome human being who is truly down to earth and just a genuine good guy, I hope I get the chance to again one day get to meet Jarrod, and next time if the moment and timing is right I am going to ask for a photo, all the best for 2014 Jarrod, not only for golf but to your family as well and I will be trying to watch every shot of your's and following your progress! Ps if any body at Team Titleist know's when Jarrod might be back in Sydney could you please let me know as I would love to get a photo with him one day! Cheers Craig Titleist 64 McLeod 0448 483 310

  2. Rick J

    When Jarrod played at the 2011 event in Memphis he made a visit with some other players to St Judes to visit children and do a golf demo. When he arrived at the hosptial, he was unable to go inside. The emotion of cancer was just too much for him to overcome. I sent him an email and let him know that what he'd done was courageous and one day he would 'walk through that door". He responded, "Thanks mate, I will find the courage one day". Well when he stepped on the first tee at the Australian Maters, he did 'walk through the door", the door of courage and survivorship and hope. He is an inspiration in life not just sport. He has been and will be the golfer we most continue to cheer on!

  3. Matt K

    Jarrod's effort to return to professional golf is indeed inspirational but what is more amazing is the person that he is. His strength of character and fighting mentality certainly gives hope to many others wilth life threatening illnesses. Jarrod has always been one of the most enjoyable golfer's to watch. What was even more touching was watching the relationship he has with his daughter and the bravery he displayed in playing out the 4 full rounds. We hope to see Jarrod contend on the final day very soon

  4. Stephen H

    Fantastic to see Jarod back where he belongs, every golf supporter shared a tear with him on the first tee,  champion!

  5. Brent P

    You'd have to be made of stone not to tear up watching Jarrod tee up on the first.


  6. Jamie b

    It was truly amazing to see Jarrod hit his first shot on Thursday and even better to see him -3 through 11 today. Keep it going mate your the definition of inspiration.

  7. Paul P


    The mark of a man is not how he gets knocked down, but how he gets back up again, YOU have shown all Australian's, not just golfers, that you are an exceptional young man.

    You have been knocked down twice by this monster and yet you climb up of the canvas and fight on.

    We are privileged to be able to watch you play this game we all love, but more so privileged to witness the strength of a man determined not to give in.

    Thank you for showing proving anything is possible. You are an inspiration to us all and for that I thank you.

    Wishing you all the best in the future

    Paul Parlato

  8. Brad S

    I wish Titleist would sell these caps to give me an opportunity to support Jerrod's charity. Welcome back to the course, Jerrod. Here's wishing you a long and healthy career and life after!

  9. David B

    You can never take the fight out of a true fighter. Lyle is one of the best! Wishing you and your family all the very best. Looking forward to seeing you play at your best in the future. Good luck... I know you'll be fighting hard.

  10. Alex V

    You see yourself as a fighter, we see you as an inspiration. I tell my children you're my role model.

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