Tips from The Tour - Louis Oosthuizen Levels the Downhill Lie


Video no longer available

Your tee shot was pure, and you're thinking birdie as you move from tee box to the fairway. But when you arrive at your ball, the resulting lie has your front foot several inches below your back foot.

The fantasy of a wedge and a kick-in is now replaced with just preventing a bogey.

We asked Pro V1x loyalist Louis Oosthuizen to help us level our stance, and our heads, for this tough shot.

Louis told us that he sees most amateurs make the mistake of distributing their weight on their rear foot.

"You need to put your weight on your (lead) foot, to make sure you get everything level to the ball, to make sure you make good contact with the ball."

Watch the video above to see what else Louis has to say about alignment, to turn this shot into a highlight in your next round.