First hole out

First hole out

When my swing coach and I approached to my ball on the 9th hole, I made a bad swing and my ball went in the water.He then tossed me a pro v1(the ball that I use now) and told me to just aim a little right of the pin, narrow my stance, and swing. As soon as I hit it, he knew it was good and told me it was in the hole, and he was right!That shot was special because it was my first hole out ever. Amazing.

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9 Replies

  1. Brian W

    I got my first hole-in-one on August 1, 2014 on the 11th hole at Bentwater Golf Club in Acworth, Georgia. I hit a Titleist ProV 1 about 112 yards with my 9 iron and the ball hit once and bounced into the hole. Special Day, that's for sure!

  2. tony w

    i would never want this to happen...  i have a hole in one but could you imagine the feeling of making this and knowing its only a 3?  and you know the chances to duplicate this are so slim?  ugh...  i often play nine holes after work with 2 balls, each being their own score, i never change clubs after the first ball because that just woudnt be fair. always scared of making the hole in one with the second ball as I know it wouldnt really be the same.  if you truly play 2 balls like this would you be able to consider it a hole-in-one?

  3. Robert S

    YES, that would be a par which, I assume is why he called it a hole out and not a hole in one.  rls

  4. Steve H

    Playing with group of 20 or so. Foursome picked randomly.  Had very average round up to my hole-in-one.  My first.  Hit hybrid over trap.  Since back of trap raised, none of fellow players saw  ball go in.  Two balls on green, thought one mine.  Not so.  Looked in hole, there it was.  Thrilled.

  5. Dave W

    Just had my first hole in one at Thai Country Club.  No. 11, 154 yards with a six iron.  Thorougly enjoyed the excitement and was well supported with my Foursome: Allen Carney; Scott Duval (David's cousin); and Barry.  What a thrill..

  6. Lonnie C

    My first hole in one at 70 year old 7 iron at 177 Fitzsimons golf course Aurora Colorado 8-25-11

  7. Sami S

    That's not a hole in one...

  8. norman f

    wouldn't that be a par????

  9. Nick F

    Was out with my cousins and played a preaty bad round tell i got up to the 199yd 18th at cordova gc In california. then Took one last look at the hole and swung smoothley as the ball left i said its close then it disipeared to the hole.