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C16 Driver

Does anyone have any experience with this driver? I bought one and have not been able to play much lately with weather. I have about a week left to ...

The Clubhouse

Knee Injury

TT was hoping to get some insight on somethings. I am having knee surgery in 2 weeks to repair tears in both of my meniscus...

Club Fitting

Proper lofts!

last spring, I got my new AP2's. I'm a 1 handicap, so take this with a grain of salt, no everyone can and or should,...

Golf Clubs

AP3 or AP2

Hi all, last week I went to my local driving range/fitting centre as wanted to try out the 718 AP3's. Really loved the...

Golf Clubs

Tour velvet 360 white

Getting ready to order my new AP2s and I really like the white tour velvet 360 grips. Will I be able to purchase for my...

Club Fitting

Golf Club Fitting

I'm interested in making an appointment for a club fitting that's scheduled to be close to where I live at the end of...

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