Hole in One on a special day

Hole in One on a special day

I was casually playing at the Forty Niner Country Club in Tucson, Arizona on January 11,2011. I had been playing a very good round from the back tees and when I was on hole 16, the employee of the golf shop was picking up the flags. He told the others in front of me to discontinue their round because it was starting to get late. He let me proceed because I had my own golf cart. I quickly finished 16 and 17 and approached 18. There were three men finishing up their round and then I got my club to tee off. My skycaddie said 164 to center but i knew it was shorter because of the pin placements throughout the day. I used my 4 Hybrid and a Titleist Pro-V1 #1 and I took a nice swing. I hadn't know that it was in the hole because of the darkness and no flags. I checked the hole when I came to the green and found my ball sitting in it. It was my first and I have only been playing for 1 and 1/2 years!

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10 Replies

  1. bubba h

    Got A hole in one at irish creek on July 4 2014 200 yds

  2. Francis C

    My first was on the day of a good friends wedding (we actually held the wedding up) and the second on Fathers Day. I cant wait for 4th of July!

  3. ROCKY C

    HOLE-IN-ONE on march 30,2014 using a titleist velocity (#1) ,hole #7 with a 9 iron (135 yds)................2nd hole-in-one,playing with 3 golf buddies

  4. Bob H

    Its about Time:  March 10, 2014    I had my first hole in one at Tunica National Golf and Tennis club.  I just turned 68 years young and finally got that monkey off my back. Par 3 at Number 4 at Tunica National 191 Yards with my Titlist 4 Hybrid club and Titlist ProV 1x  Great Day !!!

  5. Pat S

    I was playing with my brother before our league match.  June 13,2006.  Hole #2 on the Willows at Little Crow Country Club in Spicer, Mn.  A 135 yrd par 3 using an 8 iron with a Tilelist DT Solo.  Two members of the League were standing close by the green and started waving their arms franticly.  I was so worried I had hit one of them with my ball because I had lost sight of it into the sun after hitting it.

    We drove as fast as we could to the gentlemen and I ask who I hit with my ball, and the proceeded to laugh and said(hit with a ball-no- you fool you just made a

    Whole-In-One.  My first.

  6. mike s

    I love your velocity golf balls soft around the greens and long very long off the tee  im 61  was playing lakewood golf course in ca. hole no. 17 par 3 155 yds used an 8 iron . I was with 4 of my closes friends (there like family) they all signed the ball . this made it a day i'll never forget. thank tou titeist for making such a great golf ball p.s. I use to use pro v-1. but these are better by far.

  7. Jerry F

    This is Jerry's wife.  Imagine the excitement when I got the phone call at 10:35....said call our son and tell him.  Excitement all around!

  8. Jerry F

    This is Jerry's wife.  Imagine the excitement when I got the phone call at 10:35....said call our son and tell him.  Excitement all around!

  9. Christopher M

    A 1 on 1/11/11???  Definitely play again on November 11 this year!

  10. anthony p