I was casually playing at the Forty Niner Country Club in Tucson, Arizona on January 11,2011. I had been playing a very good round from the back tees and when I was on hole 16, the employee of the golf shop was picking up the flags. He told the others in front of me to discontinue their round because it was starting to get late. He let me proceed because I had my own golf cart. I quickly finished 16 and 17 and approached 18. There were three men finishing up their round and then I got my club to tee off. My skycaddie said 164 to center but i knew it was shorter because of the pin placements throughout the day. I used my 4 Hybrid and a Titleist Pro-V1 #1 and I took a nice swing. I hadn't know that it was in the hole because of the darkness and no flags. I checked the hole when I came to the green and found my ball sitting in it. It was my first and I have only been playing for 1 and 1/2 years!