My First Ace

My First Ace

This was my first Ace. It was a cold windy day at a local golf course where me and my friend went to just mess around. I'm 20 years old and have been playing golf for about 6 years now and I'm getting better. Over the summer i made my first eagle and i posted it on he, now im back with my ace. The craziest thing about this whole thing is the ball i got my eagle with is the ball i got my Hole-n-One with. Well I was on hole 6, 162 yards, with wind in my face i pulled out my 8 iron teed it up and just put a little draw on it. I hit it pure and didn't really see where it winded up. We walked around the green for like 5 minutes and he said just as a joke why don't you go look in the hole. So i did thinking i wouldn't see anything and low and behold there was my Pro V1 sitting there looking back at me, and i was so happy my friend ran up to the green to see. I was so happy i called the club house to tell them. Thats my Ace story.

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  1. Bob T

    Made my first Ace on May 13, 2014.  Was a long time coming but finally made one!

  2. Bob T

    Got my first hole in one on May, 13, 2014.  It was a long, long, long time coming. I was using a NXT Tour on a par 3, 120 yard hole at Southwick Country Club in Massachusetts. I've been a Titleist fan all of my life and it was nice to see one finally go into the hole, instead of many, many close calls!!! The bonus to it all was that is was a day after my birthday.  Guess it was a belayed birthday gift!!!!

  3. gerry s

    i had my first hole in one on sunday 19oct 2014 at Lakeville Country club  MA

    on the 17 par 3 148 yards 9 iron Titleist AP1 712. my GHIN# 3744942. Thanks

  4. Michael P

       I was playing Triggs Memorial Golf Course in Providence Rhode Island on Saturday, July 19th. The fourth hole is a par 3, 184 yards from the white tees. I hit a #2 hybrid.  The green is a little uphill and the left side of the green is not visable be cause of a small rise in the fairway before the green. The ball came in high and landed on the left side of the green. After it landed we could not see the balls path. When we arrived at the green there were two balls on and a third ball was short, I thought I went over. My partner walked to the pin and there was my ball sitting at the bottom of the hole. Only then did I realize that I had my first hole in one. A great day of golf.

  5. Doug M

    I have a lot of lucky days but the day I got my only hole in one was the start of a good week. My regular golf group and I were playing our home course Winter Park Pines  in Winter Park, Florida. It was Memorial Day May 26, 2014 we were having a great time. I hit my driver on the 17th hole 211 yards with a slight draw. It bounced once in front of the green and once on the green and then rolled straight in. The Golfers on the next hole that saw this lucky shot said I had tossed my driver in the air but to this day I don't remember a thing about that I was just stunned. The club ranger a friend was just pulling up to the 17 tee and heard all the noise but no he didn't see the shot. The lucky part was I was playing my regular ball the Titleist Pro V 1 Black # 3. Six days later at our men s club tournament we had a drawing and I won the only prize a dozen Pro V 1 s.              I'm Lucky.

  6. Jesse R

    AFTER 40 YEARS OF PLAYING THIS CRAZY GAME I FINALLY GOT MY 1ST HOLE IN ONE. PLAYING TITLELIST DT SOLO GOLF BALL @ westrodge golf club in la habra,ca. Just wanted to let u know Tilelist is the only ball I use.

  7. Kent K

    My first hole in one occurred at the Bridges Golf Club in Gunter, TX on May 20, 2014.  It was hole number 8.  I hit six iron up hill into a stiff breeze.  Because the green was above my head, I wasn't able to see the ball go in the hole.  After seeing my partner's ball as the only ball on the green, I checked the hole and Voila!, and ace.

  8. Michael S

    It was hole #4 of the Lakes nine at Isleta Eagle golf course in Albuquerque,new Mexico. Over a lake using a pitching wedge from 127 yards!

  9. Jong Y

    I had my first hole in one today 05/27/2014. It was on the eighteenth hole, par 3, getting dark and overcast, the flag was about 175 yards.The ball Titleist POV 1 was hit straight, but couldn't see any. We just walked to the green, but there was no ball on the green or anywhere. While I was searching my ball, my wife was ready for her put. When she took the flag out, my ball was dropping to the bottom of the hole with sound I liked always. I thought my wife as pulling my leg. Since I started the golf in 2010, I was lucky to have the great experience today, and hope many more to play in our life even with many bogies .

  10. Lyle F

    My 1st Ace(of two) was Jan.22 1989, Believe it or not, it was also my 50th birthday  I was playing in a Supper Bowl tournament and hit a 5 wood on hole # 9 ,185 yards & witnessed by three team members. More important, our team won the tournament by1 shot. Also it was our Pro's I 'st day on the job.

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