My First Ace

By: M S
Posted: July 25, 2011

This was my first Ace. It was a cold windy day at a local golf course where me and my friend went to just mess around. I'm 20 years old and have been playing golf for about 6 years now and I'm getting better. Over the summer i made my first eagle and i posted it on he, now im back with my ace. The craziest thing about this whole thing is the ball i got my eagle with is the ball i got my Hole-n-One with. Well I was on hole 6, 162 yards, with wind in my face i pulled out my 8 iron teed it up and just put a little draw on it. I hit it pure and didn't really see where it winded up. We walked around the green for like 5 minutes and he said just as a joke why don't you go look in the hole. So i did thinking i wouldn't see anything and low and behold there was my Pro V1 sitting there looking back at me, and i was so happy my friend ran up to the green to see. I was so happy i called the club house to tell them. Thats my Ace story.

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Dennis D

My first ace!

Ron S

I had my first hole n 1 at Greentree golf course on 9/23/11 in Vacaville ca 95687. It was on hole number 10 from 140 yards using a Titleist Pro V1 x. My friend said to send this e-mail to inform you Pro V1x  are the only balls I use.

Ron Slusarz Vacaville ca

Ron J

I'm 72 years old, played a lot of golf over last 50 years and never had hole in one. today there were 5 in our group and the 4th hit one 5 feet from hole, I was last hitter and said there's room between your ball and the hole.  I hit a solid hi bred 3 into a strong wind on the no 5 hole which about 140 yards.  It  landed on the green and  went by the other ball and into the hole.

nicholas n

I had my first hole in one today 10/28/2011.  It was at Candler Hills Golf Club in Ocala Fl. It was on the eights hole par 3 Flag was back about 162 yards.The ball Titleist POV 1 hit the flag pin about a foot from the bottom  BAM right in the cup.I used a four hybrid.I loved it but I had to buy alot of drinks. I think they should buy me .

William H

i am 64 years old and a Viet Nam Vet. On 11/11/11 veterans day I got my first holr in one at Deer Ridge Golf Club in Brentwood, California. This will take 100 years to do again. I don't think I will be around for it. God Bless America.

Sean FN

Congratulations William! I hope you don't have to wait 100 more years. If so, you may have to move up a tee box or two. :-)

jonny m

My 2 nd hole in one came the last day of the year that I golfed withsome friends at my local club and that was on 11-5-11, it was a 168 yards and I chose a 6 iron. What was so nice about this one was I could see it all happen because it was a down hill shot.

Fernando O

On May 16, 2011 I made my first Hole in One.  I was on the second hole at Green River Golf Course in Corona, California, a Par 3 153 yards, I used my 5 rescue club.  I tend to fade the ball when I use my rescue clubs so I started the ball to the left of the cup.  I watched as the ball started left then faded slightly to the right landing about 10 yards short of the cup, to my and my friends' amazement the ball rolled into the cup.  I had been golfing approx. 2 1/2 years at the time, I started two years after I retired, I never expected to get a hole in one.  Some of the friends I golf with have been golfing 15 years or more and have never made a hole in one.  Hopefully it will happen within another 2 1/2 years, yeah, sure.

Mark B

First hole in one scored on October 15 with 6 iron to back left pin on on 189 yard No. 6 at Darcy Ranch Golf Club in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.  I had been playing a solo twilight round on the same course just 3 weeks earlier and had missed an ace by 1 inch with the same club and with the flag in almost identical position.  Had been a off year for me generally as I had a late start in 2011 having torn my Achilles tendon in the Winter.  Interestingly, my friend Fred has now witnessed 5 hole-in-ones and not scored one of his own despite being a very competent single digit handicap player.  

Jerry F

This was my first one, I play with the same 4 fellows three times a week .the wind was gusty this day the pen was in the back of green ,there is slope  in the middle of this green the ball hit on the top of high part of this green and ran down into the back slope to the back placement of the pen there for unknown ware the ball had landed. What a nice surprise at the bottom of the cup. My pals all had hit a 6 Iron only to be long in the wind so I  made the choice to go with my 7 Iron

because of wind that day and did not want to fly the green, Just a Great day and to turn a score of 81 in to boot. Golf is fun again. Q