Hole-in-one stories

Colin Mizer

2nd hole in one of the year both with Titleist Pro V1x's Hit a laser 3 iron on a 199 yard par 3, one bounce grabs with spin and rolls in 4 feet. Played on Mens night golf, lots of guys in attendance, cost $430 in drinks but club has hole in one insurance, priceless to me. Took 44 years for the first one but only 2 and half months for the second one. Thanks Titleist my only ball ever.
Colin Mizier

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Finally after 50 years

I left a ball hanging over the edge of the hole about 45 years ago as a teen and now after playing for over 50 years I finally made a hole-in-one. Thankfully I was using a Titleist 1 which is appropriate as it is my favourite ball and number to play. The early morning sun through the trees was in my eyes so I did not actually see it go in but knew it was a good shot and thought it must be in when we did not see a ball on the green as we walked up to the green. I have it mounted in a display box with the scorecard and pictures in my home. Great feeling after so many years!!! Close second in my golf highlights behind caddying for Kermit Zarley in 1970 when he won the Canadian Open.

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Enter story title First Hole In One

I have been playing for 30+ years and just had my first hole in One. 180 Yards five wood with a Titleist DT roll ball. I had to carry a bunker and land it soft so I wanted to hit it high. One time every thing clicked and 2 bounce and in the hole. What a feeling. Thanks Titleist I just starting to play those balls and new Titleist Irons, driver and putter. I think I will stay with Titleist for a while.

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No better timing

Every year a few of my uncles and cousins decide to make a couple foursomes and meet in Scottsdale for a golf trip. And while playing the signature hole at The Boulders it happened.
I was playing in the back foursome so everyone was waiting back watching. I pulled out my 5 iron and gave it a good swing. It was right on line, landed a few feet short and rolled right in. Every one watching on the green went crazy and then we realized on the tee box what had happened.
Then an old lady resident in her night gown comes running out of her house and asked if there was a hole-in-one or if it was a snake bite. I guess we carried on a little bit.

And did I mention it was the Day after my BIRTHDAY!!

In front of all my family on one of the most beautiful courses in the world on their signature hole the day after my birthday..... No Better Timing!!

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Seen many but finally got mine

Just had a regular afternoon round at my club, went out to play on a pretty slow day. Was told to play the back nine first to get through the round quicker. I had been pulling my shots left on the first two holes and the 12th hole (my 3rd hole of the day) was no different. Everything left feeds down to the hole, and in my case, even way left, left of the cart path even! Was playing from the tips, 180 Yards downhill, went with my new 710 CB 6 Iron. Again I pulled it left and hit the hill in the tall fescue left of the cart path, I saw it bounce across the cart path and down toward the green. Having done this a few times before, I didn't think anything of it. I was just hoping it didn't carry passed the green. As I walked up the path, I didn't see the ball anywhere, I poked around the tall stuff for a minute and no luck. As I walked passed the hole, I did the regular sanity check before I went to the other side of the green and sure enough, there she was, resting silently in the hole!

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