Golfing in Afghanistan

Golfing in Afghanistan

EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Golfing. Retrieving the balls is difficult. (see the assault weapon in the background)

With the stress of war, the EOD specialists like to hit golf balls inbetween missions.

This is
Sgt. Aaron Hale
760th EOD Company
FOB Wilson
APO AE 09370

Among many other things, there is a shortage of golf balls and clubs for our soldiers. If you could, the soldiers would appreciate any imperfect or damaged golf balls and clubs.

So far this year, 3 team members have been Medivac'd to medical care. Golf is a great diversion.

Any help would be appreciated.

Carol Hale (mother)

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2 Replies

  1. Mark A

    Ohio Blind Golf is part of American Blind Golf, a National 501C3 golfing organization for those who are blind or significantly visually impaired.  Each year Ohio hosts the National Match Play Championships of Blind Golf.  During the tournament, funds are raised for charitable causes.  In 2012 we are proud to support the Wounded Warrior Project and specifically Sgt. Aaron Hale who we are saddened to report was tragically blinded a few months after the above photo was taken.  He was injured doing his job protecting all of us.  Many thanks to Titleist for assisting Ohio Blind Golf in our pursuits to assist Aaron and his family.  He is truly an American Hero!!!

    Fairways & greens,

    Mark D. Arnold

    Co-Director American Blind Golf

  2. Kelly H

    This is SSG Hale.  EOD Team Leader "Bomb squad"

    Our Hero!!!