My first hole in one and double eagle on the same hole

My first hole in one and double eagle on the same hole

My first hole in one and double eagle on the same hole...

August 31,2011: It was a beautiful SoCal Thursday afternoon so I decided to join a couple good friends of mine for a round at my local club, Tustin Ranch Golf Club in Tustin, Ca. I wasn't having what you would call a stellar round thus far but I wasn’t at work the sun was shining and as i always do i kept my head down and continued to grind it out. I walked up to my drive on the fourth hole looked at the GPS and with a sarcastic tone yelled to my buddy Jay “291…” to which he replied “If you were a real man you would’ve hit it 300” I smiled and laughed.

We finished up 4 and walked to the 5th tee box, the hole is a tight par 4 with a slight dogleg left, all sorts of trouble down the left side, I measured the distance and it was 296 to the flag. I also noticed the flag was on the back right portion of the two tiered green, one of the nastiest pins you could ever ask for on this hole. There was a foursome on the green putting and I turned to buddy and asked “I’m going to go at it, any chance I could get there?” and Jay replied “Nah it’s into the breeze I think you should tee it”.

So I lined up my ProV1x took aim and smashed it, as soon as it took off I knew it had a chance, Jay and I began to yell “FORE! FORE! FORE! On the green!”.

I felt terrible for hitting into them so I drove up to about 20 yards from the greens edge to apologize. As I did I see one of the gentleman sink a 5 footer reach in the cup and pull two balls out, tossed the second down the hill with a smile and he say’s “Congratulations buddy you just holed it, you owe me a beer!”

I couldn’t believe it, so I had to ask again “Are you serious? It really went in?” he walked over to the green and pointed and said “Yes it really did, it landed right there in the middle of the green and rolled up and in, congratulations!” I wish I could of seen it go in, and I wish I could describe to you how it felt..

I’m 35 years old, and I started playing with golf my Father when I was 7 years and I’ve never had an Ace… or a Double Eagle and I scratched both off my bucket list with one swing of my Driver. The head professional at Tustin Ranch Golf Club Cameron Carr presented me with the actual flag from #5, which I took and had the witnesses sign; I can’t wait to put it in a frame along with my ProV1x I used and somehow convince my lovely wife to hang it over the mantel, well that might be pushing it. 

I’ve been a loyalist since my high school day’s and wouldn’t put any other ball in play, I’ve had some great shots with my ProV1’s but none compared that one.

Thank you Titleist.

Scott M. Blaska
Titleist ProV1x #4
Handicap 2.9

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