Darn it Edith I need to see if it is in

Darn it Edith I need to see if it is in

I tee of first and hit my 8 Iron, drawing it in from right to left over the lake. We watch it land and roll towards the pin into the shadows. None of us can tell if it is in or not but know it's close. I now have to wait for my 3 playing partners to hit up before I can check it out. Edith, a really good golfer tees off last and splashes her tee shot. I wait. She drops and I start edging up towards the green. She splashes her 2nd shot. I wait. She drops and splashes her 3rd. I am done waiting! I head towards the hole with Bob and we do not see my shot on the surface. I look into the cup and there is my Titleist #2 looking right up at me. What a sight! Thanks Titleist for my 1st Hole in One. Thanks Edith for giving me an even better story and getting the picture of me catching sight of my ball in the hole. I love this game.

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