Lams Links

hey titleist, my name is mackenzie kerfoot i am 14 years of age and i live in washington state, last night(Wednesday)i was in a weekly tournament at lams golf links, it was a scramble format and my team started in the fifth hole, we finished the first two and we came up the the 8th hole 151 yards, i teed of and my swing has a natural draw and it went straight threw a tree. i thought it hit around in the tree and stopped so i was looking below the tree and near that area when my partner decided to look in the hole, he said in a calm voice its in the hole, and by the tone of his voice i automatically thought he was lying, he asked me what i was shooting, i said titleist he said titleist 1? i was in kind of disbelief so i walked up to the hole, and sure enough was my titleist nxt tour #1 i was ecstatic and couldnt stop smiling. and the crazy part is ive only been playing titleist for two days! so i want to thank you titleist for giving the shot of a lifetime at such a young age.

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