A Borrowed Ball for an ACE

A Borrowed Ball for an ACE

My hole-in-one came on the 17th hole @ The Brook in Versailles, KY. We were playing from the blues, the hole was playing to 146 yards so I pulled out my 9 Iron, and I had been killing the ball day with my irons. But after finishing the 16th hole I had to switch balls due to a scuff on my ball. My partner for the day handed one of his PRO V1X to use on the par 3. I checked the yardage then stepped up to tee, looked over the water protecting the green and took the shot. I could tell I crushed it was going to be a good shot, as this towering shot begins to fall to the earth we loose sight of the ball due to the late afternoon shadows. I never saw the ball land, my friend then takes his shot & we proceed to the green. We approach the green & can't see my ball; I'm looking for a divot anywhere & can't find one. Fearing I overshot the green I tell him to go ahead & put, I go to pull the flag & OMG!!!!! The ProV1 is sitting so nice in the cup! I LOVE PRO V1!!!

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