My First One

A group of guys that I go to Scotland with decided to experience Bandon Dunes in Oregon this year instead of a trip to Scotland. We went for the week an played each of the courses at Bandon Dunes Resort.

On Wednesday Sept 28, 2011 while playing Bandon Dunes, we approached the 15th hole. The wind was blowing pretty well and deciding on a club was a bit difficult. Yardage at 133yds and wind at who knows what. I finally decided on my 170yd club and hit it into the wind. The wind pushed it a bit to the left into the hill. After hitting the hill it rolled aggressively to the right and into the hole. The cheers from my foursome were heard all over the course. What an experience.

I now have an ACE, a Double Eagle and great friends to share it with. It doesn't get any better than that.

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