Clanking the pin on the first Ace

Went to the 1st tee had to wait as a family of four was on the fairway ,teed off, second shot gir two putt ,the family was waiting on the 2nd tee box ,the dad asked if i wanted to play through ,not taking very long i teed my ball the cadie said onehundredthirtytwo yards , medium nine iron it was over water a kidney shaped green hole in the small front portion of the green, no practice swing just a little waggle, i swung saw it was headed to the green hurried to pick up the tee glanced up to see the ball hit front edge on the green and bounce up at hit the pin( i heard it clank the pin what a wonderful sound) about one ft. high i asked the gentleman did that go in he said it might have ,i arrived at the geen to start looking around for my titleist prov1 and didnt see it anywhere i glanced at the edge of the water walked towards the cup repaired the large divet four ft. from the cup approached the cup and there it was (GOLD) pulled it out and showed it off to the family on the tee box they were clapping at the lucky shot i had just made

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