Christian Espiritu

I was playing a nine hole course in Medford Oregon called Ceder Links. Started off with a string of double bogeys. It seemed like I just wanted to break my clubs. I was going to the fourth hole and gave myself a pep talk and said "let's get this ball in play". After I hit a good drive everything started to come together. I shot par for the next few holes, was on the par5 in two putting for eagle (only got a par) made it to the eighth hole par three 129yds. I checked the gps on my phone and it said 139yds. The Pin was set in front of the green gaurded by a pond. I chose an 8 iron and went for it. The shot itself went extremely high in the air with a little draw and at the last second it cut, took one bounce and in the jar. The rest is history in the making.

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