Hole-in-one stories

3rd One With Titleist

By: calc1

3rd Hole in One today! 140 yards uphill, over water and one hop into the cup. Thank you Titelist!!

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Bill Orr

129 yards, ProV1x one hop into the hole. Maybe even more rare was the 4some scores of a small straight, 1,2,3,4.

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First time ever

Cold windy day in Michigan and we teed off on the 11th hole about 158 yards. I used my 9iron with the wind and sure enough right up and into the hole. Best day of my life. Now if titleist would just send me a d2 driver my life wouldn't be able to get much better lol thank you pro v1

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Brushy Mountain Golf Course

I was playing with my golf buddies Glen Pugh and Joe Hensley on February 28, 2012 at Brushy Mountain, I hit the ball on #15 and I knew I had a good shot. When we all got onto the green, we could only see Glen and Joe's ball, I thought it must of rolled into the ruff so we began to look. No sign of the ball, Glen walked over to the hole and told Sam he found his ball. Hole in one....
Way to go Sam.

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Hop Oldham

First hole-in-one ever in 20 years on this cold, wet and windy day of our Opening Day Tournament; My Kind of Day

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