My First High School Match

I aced the par 3 16th at Falcon's Lair Golf Course in Walhalla, SC. The funny thing is that it occured during my first ever high school golf match. I am a freshman at Walhalla High School, and I was the number 6 player on my team during this match. My dad just finished playing the front nine and he decided to follow me for a couple holes. He caught up with me on the 15th hole. As we walked to the 16th tee, my dad walked to the 16th green and stood on the cart path with the opposing coach. Just before I hit my shot, I joked to the other three that whoever got a hole in one would get 20 bucks. The pin was located on the front of the green. I hit my shot to the right of the green and it bounced off a bank and rolled back on the green and into the hole. I did not know it went in until I saw my dad's reaction. The opposing coach took a picture of me getting the ball out of the hole and a picture of me and my dad together on the green. The headline in the paper the next day said "Razorbacks rookie Pappalardo makes hole-in-one".

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