Hole-in-one stories

My Only Hole in One

By: dona32

The shot felt perfect off the face and I knew it would carry the water. The pin was back - on a slight incline. The ball was tracking so I look down to get my tee. As I picked up the tee, the group on the next tee let out a yell so loud I thought something had happened. "Fabulous", "Wow", "That was super". All loud! I really thought something had happened until my playing partners (Playing in the Senior Gaggle) let out a similar yell, and I looked back and didn't see the ball. I knew it was in.

Went to the green, pulled the ball out and deemed it out of play. Recorded the data and called my wife to tell her of my wonderful news. About then others in our groups started coming up and one of the Ass't pro's who was on the course and offered congrats "and don't forget you are buying after the round".

By the way - the next hole is a long uphill par five. I was so excited I took a 7. Still had an 82 that day - one of my better rounds and my team won for the day.

All's great that ends well!!!!!!!!

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David Brown

I was in the golf retail business for several years and would some times do some instruction. Retired mostly now, but still work with a few friends when asked. Was helping a player with some course mgmnt. problems. Started on back nine, par three. Hit first, holed out, turned to player and said, "Just do what I do". My first hole in one in over forty years of playing. Hope there is more to come.

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A First for an Older Golfer

I began playing golf as a caddie at Illini Country Club in Springfield, Illinois. The year was 1954. 57 years later I got my first Hole in One. It never entered my mind that I would ever join such an auspicious club. It took a day to really sink in.

I still think about the moment of looking down in the cup and seeing my Titleist NXT looking back at me.

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Mr Gabriel Rocha

The green, number 5 hole at Point West is like a half stretched-circle a bit tilted turning right in the back of it. The flag was located in the back right of the green, which makes it the most difficult pin position since the water is a few yards on the right and a sand bunker (at mid level of green) is located in the front of this pin position. Unfortunately, I could not see the ball going in the whole because of a slight elevation of the green and the elevation of the sand bunker tuck in the front of the pin.

The ball seemed to have landed a yard or so in front of the whole and since I did not see it bouncing, it must have rolled in. The most exciting part is getting to the green and not seeing the ball on the green when I knew I had hit a good shot so I slowly took a look at the whole from the back of the green and I did not see it until I actually placed my head on top of the hole and there it was tucked behind the pin in the back of the whole. Great feeling !

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Paul Travis Hole In One

My foursome was playing in a four man charity golf scramble for the Amanda Little Foundation at Madison Country Club in Richmond, Kentucky. My team consisted of Tom Giacchini, Donnie Rardin, Mike Osborne and myself. We are all memebers at The Bull Golf Club at Boone's Trace in Richmond, Kentucky. The charity event is directed by Mr. Hubert Broadus. Hubert runs this tournament to raise money for this foundation which supports local under privilaged children for college scholareships, clothes and many other items not avaiable to them. What a great cause!!

We just finished making an eagle on the par 5 eighth hole and stepped up to the nineth hole tee box. I was hitting first for this team and walked up to the box. Tom came over to me and asked what I was hitting and how was I going to play the shot. I stated that I was hitting a six(6) iron and that I was going to shape the shot left to right, aiming at the left side of green and fading back into the hole. He stated that was what he was expecting! I hit the shot and dang if it didn't do just exactly that. It started at the left side of green and faded back toward the hole. The hole was located on the top of the green and the ball landed approxiamtely 10 - 12 feet below hole and bounced twice and then into the hole. Donnie looked at me and asked "did that ball just disappear"? I stated that "I don't see it on the green", it is either in the hole or just off the back of the green. As we approached the green we did not see a ball near the hole or on the top part of the green. We thought it may be off the back. Tom ran up to the hole and looked at me after peering into the hole, Donnie looked in the hole and then stated, " I am not getting it out, that is up to Paul". I ran over and there it was at the bottom of the cup and there was my first ever "Hole In One". What an exciting, enjoyable day. By the way, we also won the tournament with an 18 under par and donated the proceeds back to the charity! My Hole In One was performed with a TITLEIST PRO V1x, number 3, great ball!!

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