Paul Travis Hole In One

My foursome was playing in a four man charity golf scramble for the Amanda Little Foundation at Madison Country Club in Richmond, Kentucky. My team consisted of Tom Giacchini, Donnie Rardin, Mike Osborne and myself. We are all memebers at The Bull Golf Club at Boone's Trace in Richmond, Kentucky. The charity event is directed by Mr. Hubert Broadus. Hubert runs this tournament to raise money for this foundation which supports local under privilaged children for college scholareships, clothes and many other items not avaiable to them. What a great cause!!

We just finished making an eagle on the par 5 eighth hole and stepped up to the nineth hole tee box. I was hitting first for this team and walked up to the box. Tom came over to me and asked what I was hitting and how was I going to play the shot. I stated that I was hitting a six(6) iron and that I was going to shape the shot left to right, aiming at the left side of green and fading back into the hole. He stated that was what he was expecting! I hit the shot and dang if it didn't do just exactly that. It started at the left side of green and faded back toward the hole. The hole was located on the top of the green and the ball landed approxiamtely 10 - 12 feet below hole and bounced twice and then into the hole. Donnie looked at me and asked "did that ball just disappear"? I stated that "I don't see it on the green", it is either in the hole or just off the back of the green. As we approached the green we did not see a ball near the hole or on the top part of the green. We thought it may be off the back. Tom ran up to the hole and looked at me after peering into the hole, Donnie looked in the hole and then stated, " I am not getting it out, that is up to Paul". I ran over and there it was at the bottom of the cup and there was my first ever "Hole In One". What an exciting, enjoyable day. By the way, we also won the tournament with an 18 under par and donated the proceeds back to the charity! My Hole In One was performed with a TITLEIST PRO V1x, number 3, great ball!!

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