Getting Dark

I do not normally play on weekdays,but I got a call from some friends late Monday afternoon to play and I was going to be home alone as my wife had a meeting to attend so I said "Sure"... Off to the Fairway River Links we went and we teed off at about 5, the last group out that evening, not sure if we would get the round in. Things were moving along at a good pace, until I hit OB on two consecutive holes. Two new Pro V's lost, I reached into my bag and got one that had seen some better days but I did not want to lose a whole sleeve of new ones in one round. The round then turned positive and I recovered to salvage the front nine. The pace we had to keep to get finished was going to be a brisk one, but we did just that. When we reached the 18th hole it was almost dusk. The final hole was a 185 yard par 3 with traps on both sides of the kidney shaped greens, and the pin was tucked tight against the right trap. I then reached into my bag and got my trusty 9 wood,and took a nice easy swing, and it hit right at the pin,but I could not see it land. When we got to the green, there was no ball in sight. I thought I had hit it over into the rough behind the green. I started to look for it and my friend,John Dobrovich yelled to me "It's in the hole!". I thought he was just joking, and I told him to stop kidding , He said "I'm not,it is is the hole" and sure enough it was. My first hole-in-one after playing golf for 43 years. It was a great feeling!!

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