Dan Coyne Ace

It was a boy scout outing which we were happy to support. This was the first time any of us had played Birdsfoot. As it was a shotgun start, Number 17 was our 3rd hole of the day. I was lucky to have 2 very good friends and my oldest son, who had an ace himself at the age of 14, playing with me. It was a scramble and I was the 4th to hit on the hole. How many times have we stood on a Par 3 tee and thought, "That might be good", only to have it a little short or a little long? Well, until it bounced twice and disappeared, I naturally figured it was another "close but no cigar" shot. But when it did disappear, we all were ecstatic on the tee with our "Team 1".

A great day of golf in my book!

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