Nicholas Luksha Ace

I was two over coming off a double on 17th hole on the back 9 at Harrisville Golf Course in Woodstock, CT and came to the 18th (9 hole course). It is a ~170 yd par 3 and pin was in the back. I hit 9 iron flush. I hit it really well. I knew it was going to be close. The ball started and stayed on the flag the whole way. Straight and high. One friends says "That is right on it" and another says "that could be a hole in one right there". It bounced once softly and slowly rolled straight into the flag stick and dropped in the hole. And we went nuts. Finished with a 36 on the back. It is nice to be able to say I got a hole in one and that I really hit a great shot. As good as I could hit it. It was not one of those that lands 12 feet short of the green, hits a sprinkler head, and rolls 60 feet and in. It was the flushest, most accurate shot I could have hit and was rewarded for it. It is a great feeling. I used a ProV1X. Thanks Titleist. I have liked this ball for a long time and it will be tough to play any other ball from now on.
-Nick L.

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