My best attempt at playing it safe

I was playing in a Memorial Day tournament and was on my 25th hole (playing 27 in Day 1). The 7th green has a severe back to front slope. Most shots end up lower left eventually, so I was trying to play to the front of the green. The hole measured 154 and is uphill. I would normally hit 6, but chose 7 to get to the front of the green. I caught the ball completely flush and hit the back right with a draw. The ball moved left and caught the slope. Due to the back to front slope of the green, the T box allows for a great view. The ball started rolling back towards the cup until it just disappeared into the cup. I am 51 and my Dad taught me to play when I was a kid. He died almost 9 years ago and every now and then, I still want to call him and give him an update of life events. This was one of those times.

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