Hole-in-one stories

Second Ace

On May 14, I scored a hole-in-one on hole #6 at The Preserve. The shot measured 145 yards and was hit with a 9-iron. In answer to many questions, the ball did not roll off the hill into the hole! This was my second Ace. The other happened 19 years ago in Illinois at Arrowhead CC. I hope it doesn’t take another 19 years to get number 3 - I'll be way too old to enjoy it!
For both, I hit Titleist golf balls.

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Stan Miller

I found this Titleist Prov 1x #7 in the rough on the 1st hole. I showed my golfing Bud what I had found, stuck it in my pocket. I proceeded to him that #7 was my lucky number. I pulled it out of my pocket and teed it up to start the back nine. Playing the short par 3 # 14 I hit a gap wedge about a foot behind the hole and it spun back into the cup! "Hallelujah" !!

There is no better ball to play than a Titleist! Thank you for making such a fine product!


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My first

Tee time was our normal 9:30 choose up. Temp was a blazing 88* here in Texas. We started on the back 9 cause we had 5 groups. I had made a couple of bad swings on 10 and took a double bogie. Birdied 11, par on 12 and 13. 14 is a par 3-160 on the card, water right and trees left of a kidney shaped green. Pin was right side middle playing 165. Pulled a 7 iron and put a smooth swing on it. My Pro V1 flew dead true, hit 1 foot in front of the pin and 1 hopped right in the hole. Best day ever! My first after 25 years of leaving them inches from the hole. Best thing, I won the par 3 money for the day and the hole in one pot. Paid me well, and I needed it to buy all the drinks afterward. It didn't matter though, hope I can repeat it again soon, I'll be buying gladly!

Thanks Titleist

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First Ace

My firsr hole in one. How Exciting! Pin in front looked and felt real good. What can you say only that what a great feeling when you see the ball at the bottem of the cup. Titleist 1 Velocity Will keep that ball forever..

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Craig Farr and the hole seventeen

Had a terrible front nine. At the start of the back nine, I pared holes ten and eleven. Felt like I got my game back. Continued on feeling good and playing well. Came to the seventeenth hole and I knew I hit the ball really well. Upon reaching the green, I was looking around for my ball and couldn't locate it. As one of my foursome approached the hole, he looked down and then at me and started clapping. To say the least, it sure made my day. Now I have to take my wife to dinner to celebrate!

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