Crooked Pins and Gusts of Wind

I approached the 13th tee after parring 10,11, and 12. I was trying to score low on the back 9 after a disappointing five over front nine with a triple on the 9th. I stepped off the yardage, eyed the pin position and decided that I wanted to land the ball about ten feet past the hole and try to spin it back. The greens at Squaw Creek Golf Course are bentgrass, so they provide a lot of forgiveness and allow for great spin. As I addressed the ball, I noticed that the loft on the face of my club read 48 degrees, which is my pitching wedge. I had previously elected to hit a 9 iron, but had grabbed the wrong club out of my bag. I returned with my 9 iron, intending to draw the ball into the back pin location. After I hit, one of my playing partners stated "it's all over the stick". The ball landed about 12 feet past the hole, on the high right side and began to spin back. As it came to rest, it appeared as though we could only see half of the ball. I thought that it would be impossible to get any closer, and although I was pleased with the close proximity of my shot, I was a little disappointed that it hadn't gone in. Another one of my playing partners noted that the ball looked like it was lodged up against the pin, but I didn't give the comment too much thought. After they both hit, we began to head towards the green. After we started down the hill in the cart, all three of us seemed to peer at the hole at the same time. At that moment, the ball was nowhere to be seen. We climbed the green and approached the hole... only to find my Titleist ProV1X nestled neatly in the bottom of the cup. Apparently, the ball had in fact been lodged up against the pin, and when the wind gave a gust, it corrected the flag stick, thus allowing the ball to disappear into the cup. A stroke of luck, a gust of wind, and three minutes later, I didn't even have to putt.

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