First hole in one at age 15

The first time I ever decided to use the Titleist Velocity golf balls I was having a decent round playing with my buddy from school David Tillman, the witness. We head up to number 13, a par 3 that I have never had much luck with. I set up at 172 yards away and I hit my natural, beautiful fade falling right towards the hole. We couldn't see the ball once it hit, but we knew it was a good one. David jokes saying, 'Congrats on your first hole in one! Haha." David shanks it into the trees, but I run up to the green to see where the ball might actually be. I search the green and the ball is no where to be found. My first assumption was that it rolled of the right side, but of course I check the hole, just in case. I throw my hands in the air with my putter in hand and cheer. David looks and immediately leaves the golf cart and sprints to the green to see if it's true. We dance around the green for awhile, awestruck at what had just happened. The first person I called was my dad. I left him speechless because he could't believe it. That's the first time I used a Titleist Velocity golf ball, and it definitely won't be the last.

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