Koley Family First Hole in One

I'm 66 years old and have been playing golf since I was about 14. I do not play as much as I have previously (about 10-20 rounds a year even though I'm a Country Club member-been at my Club since the mid '80s).

My wife was feeling a little ill last Sunday (Oct. 8th), but told me to get out on the course as it was a nice day and our Club was having its annual "Plant-a-Tree" scramble, and my (adult) kids (3 of them with my grandson riding along with them) said they would like to play.

It was cold that morning (here in Nebraska), with one of our first frosts, so our groundskeeper wisely held off play (about 90 minutes from the previously scheduled shotgun start)until the frost got out of the ground, so I hit a few balls on the range and just told myself to keep my head down which is my number one problem.

It was windy and still somewhat cold and I did not play very well in the event and we were getting to the 2nd to last hole which is a Par 3. I was going to use my pitching wedge, took a couple of swings, and then decided to go back and get my 9 iron as I was hitting mostly into the wind and wanted enough club. My kids were kind of wanting me to just get up and hit and go, so I said a short prayer and told myself to keep my head down and got off a good shot right at the pin. The kids were in the carts about half way to the hole and were really getting excited as my ball approached, then all headed to the hole as fast as they could and (for a split second or two) then became disappointed as they could see my ball (and assumed it was not in the hole), but when they got on the green, they let out some screams and hollers as the ball was actually trapped about 2/3rds in the hole by the pin (which was blowing toward the tee in the wind-we have a photo). When I got to the hole I could tell it was a "legal" hole in one, but asked for another group to witness and they agreed which then became moot as the wind let up a bit, the flag straightened out and the ball fell to the bottom of the cup with no one moving the flag/pin.

The kids were going crazy with delight (and I was kind of floating on a cloud), but kept my composure as best I could, grabbed the ball-a Titleist (which I'll never use again), had it signed by the kids as witnesses and marked the date and place/hole # on the ball.

My grandfather, my 92 year dad (who is still alive), I, my 4 sons/daughter and 7 year old grandson (he was there-boy was that neat) all play/ed golf, but nobody has ever had a hole in one except for me on Oct. 7th of this year, so we were really pleased on behalf of all the past and present family golfers to finally see/witness an ace.

I bought a round for the players in the event (it was worth every penny) and, again, it was especially rewarding to have my kids and grandson there when it happened and to share that special day with them.

It really was a storybook hole in one, and I will always cherish that moment.

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