First hole in 1

I am 14 and have never had a hole in 1 before. I was playing with my dad and grandfather. Hole number 5 is a par 3 over the water. I lasered 160 and it was into the wind. I took a 6 iron and it was perfect from the start. It never left the pin, bounced about 1 foot short and jumped in.

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  1. Larry N

    Since retire on 10/01/2011, I decided to learn how to play golf.  I took lessons from the local club pro and started playing 2-3 times a week.   I have been averaging drives of 270-290 yards, but the hole in on put the biggest smile on my face in July of this year.  A 143 yard shot with a nine iron in front of my golf instructor and two other players.  You can love this game and hate it at the same time.  But, I will always keep coming back for more.