My first hole in one

It was a beautiful fall day in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York. I was playing with my eldest son, Dan, his long time friend Joe and Dan's girlfriend's uncle Mark. We were on the 8th hole at McCann Memorial Golf Course in Poughkeepsie - a very well maintained and challenging par 72 course and course that I play quite often. The pin was back left center measured at 157 yards. I hit an 8 iron just left of the pin with an NXT Tour ball. The ball landed about 6-8 feet just left of the pin it took one hop and disappeared. We weren't sure it went in and took the longest cart ride to the green that I can remember. No ball on green and no ball off back of green. I hurriedly paced to the hole and there it was in the bottom of the cup. Commence yelling and screaming from the whole group with me leading the whooping and dancing. I think the whole course heard us.

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