Bucket List

On our annual trip to Tunica, Mississippi golf trip the Tunica Posse hit the night life hard on Sunday arriving at the casino. Monday morning started out with a 3 mile run to clear my head. I started with a par on one and 2 and 3 got ugly.
Hole 4 posed a challenge with a stiff crosswind. I hit the ball and knew it was good but not that good. Upon watching it hit the green and track into the hole I fell to my knees like being hit in the back of the legs with a night stick. Our entire group of 9 was there as the fivesome on the next tee box was with our group. After kissing the ground and being able walk again, we proceeded to the green and I took a picture of the ball in the cup. Due to the other group witnessing, I was receiving congratulations texts from back home before I even got to the green.
A moment that equalled my skydiving experiences!!

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