Collin County Ryder Cup first hole in one

All the golf members of our country club compete to represent our club in the Collin County Ryder Cup event each year. It is a 3 day team event with the final day being a singles event. The week before the event, the tent from your company was set up on our driving range. I was so excited thinking I was going to get a chance to hit the new 913. I had told my pro that as soon as it was available, I wanted on. Well I found that this was a ball fitting. So I checked it out. The rep took the time to get to know me and seemed interested in me. He watched me hit asked me about my game and clubs and ball flight. He recommended the PRO V1. I started using this ball and found it comes off the club perfectly. Every time I tee up I know it will be just what I want. Day 2 of the Ryder cup I was teamed against a 4 handicapper. I was playing great. we got to the 7th hole a normally 140 yard shot. into a north wind of about 30mph. that day the tees were back at 168. with wind in the face. I hit the ap1 6 iron with a little draw. I felt the wind hit me in the chest just as the ball was on its way. My first reaction was anger, knowing that one of the deepest sand traps was about to give me a fried egg lie. I put my head down in and started to the cart. My Playing partner Robin, said hey you cleared it. I turned just in time to see it hop once and hit the flag stick. Plunk. The crowd, gathered behind the green, through their hands into the air. As I drove up I felt like this really seals the deal with the PROV1. The pats on the back and the hand shakes make you feel great, but knowing you can trust your equipment lead me to shoot a 72 that day. My best tournament score. Thank you for all your employees have done to help me get to this memorable day.

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